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​Each month we profile o​ne of our teams to look provide a closer view on their roles, functions and team members. 

April 2016 - Business Resilience and Estates Team

​Team overview

The Business Resilience and Estates Team delivers services to customers in Kent and South London, though their biggest customer by a significant margin is South East CSU.

Based in Lower Marsh and Kent House, they supply and support business continuity and emergency planning programmes, fire and health and safety training, and expertise and operational estates activities.​ In a recent newsletter we shared details of a multi agency binational exercise ​​for Kent CCGs - this is just a small part of the work of the team.

Who's who:

Josh-Tarling_circle.pngJosh Tarling - Principal Associate, Business Resilience and Estates

I support teams looking to improve their service resilience and implement contingency measures, or who wish to run local training or exercises. The estates team should be the first point of contact if considering changes to your working environment such as desk moves or additional furniture. 

I was educated in Disaster and Emergency Management at Coventry university and worked with a number of organisations including the Environment Agency and the Greater London Authority before I joined KMCS in April 2013.  ​

Sam-Proctor-_circle.pngSam Proctor - Senior Associate, Business Resilience

My role involves the provision of emergency planning and business continuity services to ensure that CCGs fulfil their requirements under the NHS EPRR Framework. In addition to this I am one of the three members of the Tactical Support on call Team [TST], which provides both the CSU Senior Leadership Team and the Kent and Medway CCG Directors on Call with guidance and support during incidents.  ​

I have worked in the NHS for 30 years, starting out my career as a State Registered Chiropodist. Over the course of my time in the NHS I have undertaken a range of roles including specialist service commissioning, managing primary care services, managing corporate services and implementing national projects across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.​

Malcolm-Brydon_circle.pngMalcolm Brydon - Senior Associate, Estates

I project manage bespoke projects with the organisation's strategic objectives and provide an estates management services across the organisation, including space management and utilisation. I am currently leading on the Kent House Project, acquirign and preparing additional floor space. This involves working with, appointing and managing external contractors, and working with colleagues to enaure that the estate is robust and "fit for purpose."

I have a track record of delivering bespoke projects within complex environments and have worked extensively within the NHS, PCTs and local authorities, so am very familiar with the challenegs of the NHS estate!

Luke-Lambert_circle.pngLuke Lambert - Senior Associate, Business Resilience

I oversee our business continuity management and Emergency Preparedness Response and Resilience (EPRR) activities, both internally for the CSU and externally for our CCG customers in London.

My role involves training, presenting exercises and unfortunately being the person who has to wag their finger and encourage you to complete a Business Impact Analysis and Recovery Plan once a year.

I have an academic background in Emergency and Disaster Management and a working background rooted solely in Business Continuity and Emergency Planning. Through the years I have helped to facilitate and deliver a number of training and exercise presentations, including one on an MOD explosives site and one on the second largest Calor gas storage plant in the UK - so my life is not all excruciating spreadsheets and analysing desk recovery data.

I have been working for South East CSU for a year now and I am enjoying the new challenges the role has set me!​

Keith-Donnelly_circle.pngKeith Donnelly - Senior Associate, Business Resilience

I've been with the CSU for just over a year, working across the Fire, Health and Safety, and Business Resilience strands of the Business Resilience team. I do quite a bit of training in both areas, such as your statutory fire training or business continuity exercises. On top of that, as I cover both areas, desk assessments, business continuity plans, train tickets, purchase orders or structured debriefs could all be part of my day.

Prior to joining the CSU, I worked in hospitality for almost nine years taking on as much emergency planning and training as I could, on top of my 'day job.' Outside of work, I enjoy walking, traveling and exploring as much as I can but, because I enjoy my work so much, I'm also Head of Communications on the Executive Committee of the London branch of the Emergency Planning Society, just to relax.​

Anne-Connell_circle.jpgAnne Connell - Senior Associate, Fire, Health and Safety

I am the Fire, Health and Safety Advisor for South East CSU, providing support to both the CSU and CCG customers in Kent. I undertak​e risk assessments and audits for customer premises, conduct training and desk assessments and support the investigation into fire or health and safety related incidents. 

In the event of an incident that causes harm to a member of staff or a near miss, I will support the investigating manager and, where necessary, ensure that the incident is correctly reported to the Health and Safety Executive. All incidents must be reported on Susi at the earliest opportunity. ​

I have worked in the NHS for quite a while with a period out to work in the private sector. I was part of the Kent and Medway PCT emergency planning team and have transitioned to a health and safety focus since joining the CSU, which has involved lots of horrible exams! ​​​

March 2016 - Creative and Digital


​From left to right: Nigel Whapshott, Sam Jackson, Billy Bowers, Ian Swain, Hayley Smith, Gabriel Harriss, Paul Davey, John Stephen​

Team Overview

Our creative and digital team are talented award winning digital and creative specialists, offering strategic expertise supported by clear project management and creative solutions to often complex communications issues. The team has extensive experience in the NHS as well as working with public and private sector clients with quality, value, clarity and above all creativity the drivers in all work delivered.

Based in the CSU's Kent and London offices,  the team provides a range of services, both internally and to customers. If you've noticed the posters, slides and pull-ups around various sites, you will already be familiar with some of the work they have done for South East CSU.

The team works with customers to produce a variety of work – ranging from design and branding through to photography, videos, campaigns, social media and web development. Offering the equivalent of a full-service agency in an NHS setting, they are well placed to help customers reach a wide audience efficiently and with creative impact. 

Check out the Creative and Digital website for examples of their work.

Clients include:

  • Kent and London CCGs
  • Surrey CCGs
  • East and west Sussex CCGs
  • Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network
  • NHS England
  • West Sussex Council
  • SEC Senate/Networks
  • Verve Communications

If you have a project that needs a professional design or a digital platform element, please contact Nigel Whapshott at nigel.whapshott@nhs.net to discuss how they could help.


​​February 2016 - Business Managers

Team overview

Although not strictly a team, the Business Managers are often talked about as one, and understanding their roles and functions is important for each business unit. Focussed on the business side of each business unit, they provide an overview of how each unit is functioning as a whole. Our Business Managers work closely with Service Leads and finance, setting budgets, forecasting, managing staff levels, setting SLAs, monitoring projects and much more.

Due to recent organisation changes, a review of Business Managers and their roles and functions is currently taking place. With a view to make quite a few changes to the scope of the role, some of the work of our Business Managers may change over the next few months, but this is what they currently do to support us:

Who's who?​

Claire-Martin1.pngClaire Martin: Transformation and Service Redesign.

My role will cover anything and everything needed within the Transformation and Service Redesign unit. It is a slightly different business unit to the others in that it is set up like an internal consultancy, so the work is completely individual and is largely won on a non-recurrent basis.

For that reason my role will vary as each project will require different levels of support in different areas. I keep an overview of everything that goes on within the business unit and support the teams at an operational level as well as provide corporate support to Frankie.

Although each project varies, there is a learning process each time and this can be applied to future projects as well as shared with other business units where applicable.

I have been in the NHS for nine years, having worked for Medway PCT in Mental Health, before joining KMCS in corporate services.​

James-Ross.pngJames Ross: Clinical services

I work for Frankie Lynch, and  support services such as  Continuing Healthcare,Medicines Management, Individual Funding Requests (IFR), Quality and Clinical Governance and the Health Policy Support Unit (HPSU) across Kent, Surrey, Sussex and South London).

My role involves overall corporate support including budget management with the Business Unit finance lead, KPIs, risk registers, business plans, business proposals, timesheets, staff levels and recruitment requests.​

I also support the teams operationally on a day to day basis for anything and everything really! I can help with topics from raising a PO and completing a recruitment request form to sitting on interview panels and drafting business proposals.​

I have worked in the NHS for eight years. I have a degree in business management and previous roles include data analysis and project management.​

Julia-Cox.pngJulia Cox: Human Resources and Learning and Development, Communications and Engagement

My role really requires having a handle on all aspects of the business unit, to ensure that processes, budgets and staffing levels match and allow our services to run in an efficient and cost effective manner.

From an HR support perspective, I monitor starters and leavers and ensure payroll is up to date. I also monitor Timesheets and run compliance reports, reporting to all teams in my area. I am the contact for anyone who needs WorkForce reports or has financial (non-pay) queries, and for help in compiling business cases for a new role or replacement staff.

Updating the Salesforce system to monitor new business is part of my role, as is reporting on risks, KPI's and Customer satisfaction scores. I work closely with our Business Support teams.

I have worked in the NHS as a Commissioning Manager for South Devon and Torbay CCG, and previously as an occupational therapist, and prior to that I was in banking.

Kerrie-Coumbe2.pngKerrie Coumbe: Finance, Business Advisory Services, Corporate Delivery and ICT

The areas I cover don't really fit neatly into any single business unit and I work with lots of different people. I provide business management support to ICT, Finance (Corporate and sold Financial Services), Business Advisory Services and Corporate Delivery. My colleague, Kelly Davis, supports me with a lot of this work, particularly in ICT, because the service areas I cover are so large.

I am currently working on a lot of the data that supports the LPF exercises – providing information to NHSE, mainly around staffing, which then feeds into the procurement process.

A lot of my work is also focussed on advising colleagues about corporate processes and encouraging them to adhere, which is particularly necessary at the moment.

Prior to this, most of my career has been spent in Local Government Policy, Performance, Partnership working and Transform​ation roles, and I joined the NHS in January 2014. ​


January 2016 - ​Customer Accounts Team

Team overview

The Customer Accounts team is a small but pivotal team providing a valuable function to proactively manage our customer accounts. Led by Mark Creelman, Senior Partner, the team is responsible for building trusted relationships with our customers to ensure our CSU is seen as their provider of choice.  

The team leads all aspects of our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), working with you to ensure services meet or exceed performance and delivery expectations, and to manage escalated issues through to resolution.

The team is uniquely positioned to gain insights into our customers' plans and priorities, including any new or emerging requirements. They also work closely with Business Units to align our business propositions, building on the strength of our combined skills and expertise to maximise opportunities for growth and increase profit.

The team welcomes early engagement in planning and delivery of important messages or communications to customers. If you have any valuable information relating to our customers, or are seeking to provide a new service or product, please speak to the relevant Customer Account Partner in the first instance.  They are also keen to listen to your ideas or suggestions for ways they can improve service delivery to achieve excellence.​

​Who's who?


Mark Creelman - Senior Partner, Customer Accounts

I currently have 2 roles; Senior Partner for Customer Accounts and Turnaround Director. With customer accounts our main focus is in three areas:

  • Resolving delivery issues with service leads on behalf of customer quickly
  • Building relationships with the customer where they would consider us the provider of choice
  • Introducing new business into the CSU from existing customer and working with service leads on defining the right specification and price. 

As an organisation in Turnaround, it is vital that we know all our income and expenditure, and plan accordingly - we now have that grip across both pay and non-pay. Part of the role is to ensure we have the right governance in place going forward so that we do not make the same mistakes, but also to challenge business units ​and the teams to raise quality whilst reducing costs

On a personal note – I no longer have a life of my own – I have two daughters aged two and three, so most of my time is spent potty training, mending toys or dreading bath time!

Leroy.pngLeroy Adamson-Parks – Partner, Customer Accounts (Surrey)

I joined the CSU at its inception, and since July 2013 have been an Account Partner, covering the Surrey patch.  This role makes use of my skills in developing and delivering shared services at scale, as well as my local knowledge of the patch, as a Surrey resident.   

I recently completed the NHS Leadership Academy's Nye Bevan Executive Leadership programme, and am an avid reader of leadership and management theory.  Outside of work I read incessantly, play golf, and most of all love gardening and sharing time with my friends and family.​

david gibbons.pngDavid Gibbins – Partner, Customer Accounts (South West London)        

I have experience of both commissioning acute and community services and as a private sector provider of out-patient services to the NHS.  Whilst managing a NW London acute contract I took on the wider account management role within the CSU and moved across to SECSU.

After a successful career in the Armed Forces and jumping out of aircraft, I moved into a succession of senior health management roles, and worked in the voluntary sector as CEO of an adult hospice in North Hampshire.  Interests are cricket in the summer and hockey in the winter with any spare time renovating a cottage in Somerset.


Lisa Greenhorn.pngLisa Greenhorn – Partner, Customer Accounts (Kent, Medway and Sussex)

I started my career in the NHS 24 years ago in the finance and information team of a Community and Mental Health provider, which led to various programme management roles leading IT-enabled change initiatives across primary, secondary and social care in Sussex.  Having successfully transitioned regional IT services when Surrey & Sussex CSU dissolved, I took up my current role in Customer Accounts looking after our Kent and Sussex customers. 

Outside of work , I enjoy living by the sea and visiting the theatre, particularly when my husband is playing a key role on stage.   I am in the 2nd year of studying for a Masters in Healthcare Leadership, which is extremely challenging alongside the day job and only possible through the support and patience of my husband and two daughters - although the odd glass of vino has got me through some tricky assignments!

Jo-Moore.pngJo Moore - Partner, Customer Accounts (South East London)     

I have almost 20 years years 'blue chip' experience in both the IT and Telecommunications Industries My functional experience includes General Management, Operations, Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation, Sales, Business Development and Programme Management.  

I also have experience in Commercial Negotiation and Third Party Management and have managed three mergers and acquisitions. I can shift a large glass of sauvignon in the blink of an eye and I love running and reading.


Su-Brown.pngSu Brown – Principal Associate, Customer Accounts

In my current role as Business Account Manager I have responsibility for supporting the Customer Account Partners to oversee the delivery of the SLAs with our customers and in order to do this I work proactively with a wide range of CSU service delivery colleagues. 

During my time with the NHS I have worked in Communications and Engagement, headed up FOI and Complaints and more recently I was in the team that co-ordinated the previous SLA and service offer development process in Kent and Medway.  In my spare time I enjoy being a member of my local WI, Am Dram (officially a drama queen in a Christmas panto!) and good times with family and friends, which inevitably involve food and wine.


Zeina-Dahan.pngZeina Dahan – Principal Associate, Customer Accounts

I started working in the NHS part-time while studying for my MBA, after completing my IT degree.  I joined the Customer Account team six months ago having worked in the NHS for over 10 years in a variety of IT roles; Network and Server Manager, IT Manager and IT Project Manager and as Service Delivery Manager, and have seen first-hand how the development of technology has helped in patient care.

I enjoy attending Zumba and boxing classes in order to keep fit and to burn calories!

Jane-Hagues.pngJayne Hagues  - Principal Associate, Customer Accounts

With a strong interest in organisational behaviour and an awareness of changes taking place within the NHS, I initially joined the Commissioning Support Unit as FOI and Complaints Manager in December 2013. I then moved onto my current role of Business Account Manager, which I am covering on a fixed term basis while the incumbent post holder, Nicola Bottomley, is on maternity leave.   

In my private life, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, living by the beach, and travelling around the world (Vietnam is planned for this year!).  I have two tortoises called Wallace and Gromit!

Leigh-Anne-Davis.pngLeigh-Anne Davis – Associate,  Customer Accounts

I joined Eastern and Coastal Kent PCT in 2007 working in the Communications and Engagement team and stayed in this team through various changes up until last year when I moved to my current role in the Customer Accounts Team.  ​

I have lived in the seaside town of Whitstable all my life and love being near the beach. I enjoy spending the weekends with my husband and our two children.


Christine-Dench.pngChristine Dench – Associate,  Customer Accounts

I moved to my current role in the Customer Accounts Team in April 2014 to provide administration support to the team.  

I began my career with the NHS as a temp Administrative Assistant, working in the Finance Department with Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth Health Authority and have been through various organisational changes.  Prior to my current role, from 2003 to 2014, I worked as part of the Counter Fraud and Payment Verification Team working in accordance with NHS South West London policies.  I love spending time with my family and new granddaughter, and enjoy pottering around the garden.​