​Spotlight on… 

Matthew Nye​, Specialised Contracting (NHS 111, Out of Hours Care)​

At South East CSU we pride ourselves in the level of specialist care we offer through our highly experienced and dedicated staff bringing together experience from both the public and private sector.

This is very much the case with our specialised contracting team, headed up by Matthew Nye.

Matthew oversees the continuous development of the NHS 111 service for South London and Surrey, Out of Hours (OOH) and Urgent Care for Wandsworth and Out of Hours for Merton.

His portfolio covers procurement across all customers who buy the service, and also includes the provision of home oxygen in London and Kent and Medway. On top of this, Matthew has recently taken on the coordination of the placements team, which manages funding and provision of specialised healthcare and equipment across Kent and Medway.

"It's an integrated role," Matthew explains. "My focus is ultimately to support clinicians and patients in service redesign, innovation and supporting CCGs through procurement to future management of the contract. It's an end to end service offering, delivered by a multi-skilled team focused on customer delivery."

This is particularly true for the NHS 111 and out of hours service.

Having spent three years developing these services, Matthew and the team now work closely with CCGs to manage workshops across emergency and urgent care with patients and stakeholders to understand the needs of the future strategy for NHS 111.

Matthew isn't alone in this mission: the team has been together for two years and offer a flexible skill set and a more specialised service tailored to the customers' requirements.

Matthew explains: "I have been with NHS 111 since its infancy. It has been a continual development cycle in establishing a new service to the NHS and we are always looking to improve the service and rise to the challenge.

 "It's different to normal contracting. Our focus is always to develop and improve, alongside the standard role of contracting."

Having worked closely together as a team, and with customers and providers, Matthew says there are clear benefits to this consistency.

"The team has an excellent reputation with customers. We work closely with providers and CCG leads and this has allowed us to build strong working relationships, working together to address issues in such a way that everyone gets the outcome they need."

One example of this is the forging of a national working group to share knowledge around services. "The working group is chaired by the Directors of Service Lead and we share learning across the country and feedback local success and challenges. We are working with the feedback and data to improve the service offer and make it the best it can be for patients and customers.

"This engagement work is allowing us to develop specifications for the future of NHS 111."

Matthew continues: "Although we do not manage the OOH contracts in South East London, we have also set up a monthly working group between OOH and 111 to proactively enhance working relationships between providers and work together to develop local working arrangements and solve operational complexities, whilst raising national issues to NHS England.

"We are also working with NHS England in a national pilot to manage to support and promote evidence based service development for NHS 111. Testing and evaluating new ways of working across 20 plus sites to ensure that we deliver the best possible results to patients and support future development of standards."