New report shows patient engagement is essential to improving the quality and experience of maternity and children's services

Women, children, young people and clinicians should all be involved in the transformation of health services, according to a study for NHS England (available here​). 

As part of NHS England's ambition to shift the NHS from a service-led model of delivery to a patient-centred model, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, wants to see a proportion of the payments made to NHS providers based on how children, young people and adults describe the quality of the service that they have received.

NHS South East Commissioning Support Unit examined how financial incentives were being used across the country to improve the experience of maternity, children and young people's services.

It also worked with the University of Kent's Centre for Health Service Studies to undertake a literature review into Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) payments and other financial incentives for the services.

Achieving Simon Steven's ambition will take a significant cultural shift in how health services are commissioned and performance managed. However, the report has been able to identify three core recommendations to develop and evaluate the impact of CQUINs and other financial incentives for maternity and children's and young people's services:

  • Develop new evidence based approaches to the design, implementation and evaluation of CQUINs and other financial incentives for the services in collaboration with the public.
  • Use CQUINS and other financial incentives to promote the delivery of local, regional and national strategies for the services in collaboration with the public.
  • Use CQUINs and other financial incentives as a tool to deliver transformational change and new models of care across health, education and social care in collaboration with the public.

Stacey McCann, Assistant Head of Commissioning at NHS England said: "It is a really easy read and a very informative and useful piece of work.

"I like the approach that they have taken and particularly like the focus on the future on the development of new ways of working. It sets the scene for the future commissioning of children, young people and maternity services supported by CQUINs."