​Helping people in crisis with mental health problems​

​​We have written a report for the Government on a pilot scheme for helping people in a mental health crisis in west Sussex.

When people are in a mental health crisis they are at their most vulnerable. It is essential that they receive the care and support they need as quickly as possible, in a place they can feel safe, and supported by people who understand their needs.  

The police are often the first to respond to a person in crisis in a public place and often have no choice but to take them to a custody cell because of a lack of places of safety. 

A review of the Mental Health Act by the Home Office and the Department of Health at the end of 2014 recommended that CCGs should identify alternative places of safety, to give the police additional options and ensure people in crisis get the right care in the right place at the right time.  

At the beginning of this year the Home Secretary announced a pilot scheme in west Sussex, which has one of the highest rates of police cell use in the country, for finding alternative places of safety for people in crisis. South East CSU was approached to evaluate the pilot which achieved surprising results. The report recommends to CCGs and their partners ways to improve crisis care utilising third sector organisations.

We can help our customers review the types of places of safety required in their areas, in order to broaden the range of clinical and non-clinical interventions that promote resilience, wellbeing, empowerment and care for some of their most vulnerable people. ​

You can view the report here.​