W​​orking to support patients with diabetes

South East CSU has brought together clinical, commissioning and digital health expertise to design a support solution for type 2 diabetes. We want to help you to establish local approaches where at-risk patients are identified early, where they can access effective self-management, and where the wider health system offers innovative and seamless support for people who need more specialist help.

​​​​Treating and managing type 2 diabetes already consumes around 10 per cent of the NHS budget, and this figure is set to rise massively over the next ten years, but experts estimate that 80 per cent of this spending is avoidable.​​

​Our new offer includes:

  • Mapmydiabetes, an innovative new digital self-management tool that can be prescribed to patients allowing them to ​access structured education online, at their own pace and in their homes.
  • Our excellent in-house analytics team who can help clinicians to identify patients at risk of developing diabetes. 
  • End-to-end input tailored to local needs where system wide change is needed to help local services provide effective support to people with diabetes. 
  • Access to our wider consortium which can connect commissioning teams with expert ideas and tools to drive holistic, patient-led lifestyle change.

Diabetes threatens to become an overwhelming challenge for the NHS, and our current offer is just the starting point: we are very keen to discuss how, with our consortium, we can help you shape or deliver a new approach to diabetes management for your local population.​