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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Medicines Management resources

South East CSU's Medicines Management resources for custome​rs are available below. If you have any queries please contact Nicola Fox, Senior Associate​

00 - National Tariff excluded drugs manual 2016-17 February.pdf
01 - Access to Unlicensed Investigational Drugs outside of Clinical Trials.pdf
02 - APC_0006_Adult_Growth_Hor~_(updated_July_2011).pdf
03 - Adult_Onset_Still's_Disease_(Nov_2011).pdf
04 - Prescribing_situations_outside_NHS_July_2006.pdf
05 - APC_0009_AREDs_formula_vitamins_and_AMD.pdf
06 - Guidlines_for_use_of_Atyp~hizophrenia_Jan_2004.pdf
07 - NR2014-01_Certolizumab.pdf
08 - Cholinesterase inhibitors - guidelines for the use of in patients with dementia.pdf
09 - APC_0014_Clopidogrel_and_Gastroprotection.pdf
10 - APC_0013_Grazax.pdf
11 - Myocardial ischaemia stable angina - guidelines for treatment.pdf
12 - Osteoporosis_Secondary_Prevention_Guideline-updated_16-10-2012-_FINAL.pdf
13 - APC_0005_Paediatric_Growth_Hormone.pdf
14 - Guidance_re_pharmaceutical_samples_Feb_04.pdf
15 - APC_0012_Psoriasis_and_Biologic_agents.pdf
16 - Fumaderm_(Feb_2011).pdf
17 - Psoriatic_Arthritis_Pathway_2014_.pdf
18 - APC_0015_Prasugrel_and_Clopidogrel.pdf
19 - APC_0029_Rheumatoid_arthr~sequential_biologics.pdf
20 - Rituximab_for_SLE_and_ANC~asculitis_(May_2011).pdf
21 - subutex-protocol-March-2006-final-version.pdf
22 - Teriparatide_(Forsteo®)_&_Parathyroid_Hormone_(Preotact)_in_Severe_Osteoporosis.pdf
23 - Kent_and_Medway_VITAMIN_D_GUIDELINE1.pdf
24 - KM_Zoledronate_guidance_for_osteoporosis.pdf
Denosumab_(ProliaR)_shared_care_guidance1-_FINAL_-_4_12_12 (not EK CCGs).pdf