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​​​​​​​Creative and design


Using creative designs and the latest digital channels ensures you can reach wider and deeper into your communities. Employing current and new technologies combined with tried and tested communications and engagement methods will ensure you can engage with the widest range of audiences at the right time, in the right place.

​We can lead effective campaigns that are evidence based and achieve valuable results. We will cut out the need for an external agency, which means we can be more responsive and that offer competitive prices.

What we offer

  • Website and intranet design

  • Social media

  • Application design

  • Video production

  • Print and digital creative design and production

​Why us?

​We find creative solutions to engage audiences from intranet/extranets, websites and e-bulletins to marketing and campaigns. We work with you to deliver bespoke, high quality, eye-catching designs that reflect the values and brand of your organisation.

For more information contact our Business Development team secsu.busdevelopment@nhs.net 

NHS Mail service disruption

South East CSU statement on NHS Mail service disruption

Building a new CSU

NEL CSU and South East CSU have formed a partnership to join up the two CSUs under one organisation, under the NEL CSU name, by 1 April 2017.

Working to support patients with diabetes

South East CSU has brought together clinical, commissioning and digital health expertise to design a support solution for type 2 diabetes.

Health Help Now milestone

Our award-winning website, Health Help Now, that helps people find the right NHS service when they are ill or injured has been used more than 100,000 times.

Improving patient access

ClineCall is a new video service that enables doctors to hold face-to-face consultations with patients who are unable to make it to the surgery.

Helping people in crisis with mental health problems

​​We have written a report for the Government on a pilot scheme for helping people in a mental health crisis in west Sussex.

New report shows patient engagement is essential to improving services

Women, children, young people and clinicians should all be involved in the transformation of health services, according to a study for NHS England

South East CSU joins new framework for commissioning support services

South East CSU has secured a place on the NHS England Lead Provider Framework (LPF).

Transforming modern medicine through genomics medicine

Cutting edge progress in the work of genomics was under the spotlight at the recent 'Achieving ambitions in genomics medicine' national conference, organised by the UK Genetic Testing Network, a national organisation, hosted by the South East CSU.

Award-winning health app is now one year old

The award-winning Health Help Now web app, created to help people find the right care and treatment in Kent and Medway, is celebrating its first birthday.

Health Help Now

Health Help Now is a website which has been optimised for use on mobile devices that have internet access. This means it can be used on any smartphone or tablet with an internet browser.

Employee management made easy

We understand how important it is for your HR, finance and management teams to optimise your resources. Managing salaries, expenses, annual leave and sickness can be costly, time consuming and disjointed.

South East CSU launch

South East Commissioning Support Unit has officially launched: bringing together South London CSU, KMCS (Kent and Medway Commissioning Support) and North West London CSU in a strategic merger of choice.